Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Inside

Here are a few pictures of the living area and kitchen in our new home.  Forgive the semi-dark pictures.  All our windows are on the north side of our house, so we do get some sunshine, but it's not exactly direct.  And remember, we live in Oregon.  These pictures were rapidly taken in the few minutes it was actually sunny yesterday.  Click on the pictures to make them larger.

This is the view when you walk in our front door.  The doorway on the left leads back to the kitchen.

Just another angle.  That door on the left of the wood stove is mine and Sam's bedroom.  That cat in the picture is a little ham who somehow always knows when I've got the camera out and jumps in to get his picture taken.

Here's the living room.  The front door is on the right, just outside the picture.

Another angle.  The door on the right of the front door leads to Ellery's room.

Our landlords bought us the rug that's under the table because the carpet is ridiculously stained.  They were going to replace the carpet, but when they found out we had cats, they decided to buy a rug instead.  Unfortunately, the rest of the carpet is pretty badly stained as well, and our cats have never had accidents on carpet.  But some people automatically think cats equals ruined carpets, so oh well.

Our Sara wall.  She and Heidi painted the one on the right, Sara drew the one on the left and Sam painted it, and Sam painted the one on the bottom in her memory. 

This baby keeps us nice and warm!

Kitchen, with my favorite thing - a DISHWASHER!!!  On the left behind the refrigerator is another room, connected to the bathroom, and the room in the back is a mudroom/laundry room.

Another angle.

A normal-sized oven!  Our last house had a tiny one that wasn't big enough to hold my cookie sheets.

And lots of beautiful counter space.  I do miss our tiny Petaluma house that literally had zero counter space, but we are enjoying having some space here.

This is definitely the favorite of the six houses we've lived in so far, and I'm sure we'll be sad when it's time to move out...unless of course it's back to California, in which case this girl will be pretty excited.  It's not that I don't like Oregon; it's just that I love California.

I've noticed on Pinterest lately lots of really cute decorating with tons of white and neutral colors.  I always think it looks so nice and clean and think maybe I should decorate with more white.  Then realize I could never live without lots of color.  I even bought a white duvet cover for our bed, and Sam covered it with a bright quilt because the white was too colorless.  Good thing we're married and both like lots of color in our lives.


  1. Cute home! I bet you're enjoying your new place and added space! l've always appreciated a window at my kitchen sink to be able to look out...makes for a more pleasant time spent at-the-sink! :)

  2. thank you, patsy! we're enjoying it very much. :)