Monday, October 6, 2014

i'm not one of those people who loves being busy

The husband, baby girl, and I are headed down to California tomorrow.  We are probably meeting little Abel the day after Christmas, which means I won't be able to travel down to see my family for Thanksgiving or Christmas.  So we decided to make one last trip to see my side of the family before the little mister is born, since we'll be missing out on the holidays with them, and celebrate my dad's 60th birthday while we're at it.  (I know, who can believe my dad is almost 60?  He's shaping up to be a cute old man, though he still has about ten years or so before I'll consider him "old".  And you know I love a cute old man.)  We also get to go to a wedding for some friends from Petaluma, which we are very excited about.  We love our Petaluma people, so we love when they get married and give us a chance to go see them all.  And every time we go, it makes us want to move back - it happened with Adam and Elise's wedding, and Devan and Hannah's.  After Craig and Hannah's wedding we did move back.  Apparently that was a fabulous wedding. ;)  We're also squeezing in a visit with James and Monica, two of our favorite people.  They were there throughout mine and Sam's entire relationship, and even filmed our engagement.  We can't wait to hang out!

So ahead of us we have eight days of fun, family, and friends.  Why is it that getting ready for vacation in itself makes one need a vacation?

Today wasn't terrible.  It was actually a pretty good day, overall.  It's just that I had a ton to do to prepare for our trip.  Errands to run, a house to clean, and bags to be packed.  I don't think I sat down once all day, except when reading to Ellery before her nap.  And I have a lovely pain in my lower back that is making it exceedingly difficult to walk.  (Oh what I wouldn't give to be able to twist around and pop my back.  As soon as this kid is outta me, I'm doing it.)  On top of that, when Sam got home he unknowingly dragged in some tar on his shoes.  So I quickly googled how to clean that up, and now I think the carpet is saved.  I still have packing to do, and dishes to wash, and I desperately need a shower before we leave early tomorrow morning.  Basically, this vacation is more than welcome.

I kept wondering today how you're supposed to live in and appreciate the present when you feel overwhelmingly busy.  When you don't even have time to sit still or think about anything other than your unending to-do list.  And I don't really have an answer, to be honest.  All I can say is that I tried to let things roll off my back (my stupid, messed up back), and tried to see the great things about today.  I took pictures of my sweet little one whenever she did something cute or funny, and hugged her when she cried.  I prayed for Sam while I ironed his work shirts, and thanked God when Ellery behaved during our trip to Target.

Don't get me wrong - I was no where near perfect in my attitude today.  I grumbled when I found the tar on the carpet, and got frustrated when Ellery climbed outside through the cat door for the fifth time in a row.  But I found that trying to remember that this day is fleeting and would eventually end really helped me keep things in perspective.  I tried to remember how blessed I am to have been given another day with my sweet family.  I reminded myself that tomorrow Ellery will be a little bit older than she is today, so I wanted to savor this day with her.  I thanked God that we have the opportunity to go on vacation this week.

What do you do when you're crazy busy?  How do you handle the stress and still enjoy the day, without wishing it would simply end?  Anyone have any tips or tricks?


  1. I just do what you already are doing - look for the good and the gifts. Even when there are hard days, I can usually find something to smile about. Today, even though the kids were making messes in places I had *just* spent plenty of time and energy cleaning, I found them all playing a new game they invented about going down the stairs. I stopped my cleaning, grabbed my camera, and taped them laughing and smiling and playing together. If I consciously take the time to appreciate those things, it lightens my mood and reminds me that those things on my to-do list will always be there. Literally. I'll never be done with it all. So I may as well enjoy the fun times as they come.
    Also, we turn on fun music and have dance parties while we get our stuff done. Seriously, it works. :)